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The success of your event is of paramount importance and each of Roxi’s performances can be tailored to your specifics requirements. Please find below the range of options available for Roxi’s live appearances. Roxi is also sometimes open to  collaborating and creating a customized show for your event.

Madame X

Live out a dark fantasy with Roxi as she becomes Madame X, a submissive starlet who switches into a dominant mistress. Watch as Madame X saunters onto stage in a Swarovski encrusted gown and luxurious ostrich feather stole. But things aren't always as they seem...

A sexy fetish surprise awaits with each removal. Once her latex lingerie is revealed she climbs to the top of her rotating, 8ft. tufted cross. What awaits on the other side is the kinkiest surprise of all.


The most perfect act for any New Year Eve event. This act is opulent and dazzling and spares no expense. Watch Roxi as she wears nothing but beautiful custom made jewels drench herself in bottle after bottle of bubbles and liquid glitter.

Moonlight Cyrenade

Inspired by the Ziegfeld Follies, this dream-like production can best be described as an Art Deco-circus Spectacular. Roxi glides across the stage like a shooting star in perhaps her most coveted ensemble. Thousands of layers of blue and grey-tiered tulle cascade from her hips while silver sequin and crystal stars catch the light before the breathtaking finale in her golden Cyr Wheel.

Red Showgirl

Hey Big Spender!

Watch as Roxi delights the audience in an opulant red showgirl costume with loads of feathers and sparkle. Roxi finishes this high energy act with oversized Sally Rand Tribute fans.

This act is flexible and can also incorporate the aerial hoop, smoking ciger, champagne tub or showgirl swing. 

This act is sure to please and won Roxi the titles of World Champion of Exotic Dance and Showgirl Champion.

Lavender Classic

This show is as classic as it gets - a true burlesque show. Roxi enters the stage in a gorgeous sequined gown before removing layer after layer to reveal a beautiful flowing duster dress. She spins and twirls as she dances like a cyclone with her lavender silk ensemble. Roxi  skillfully removes her gown and then teases the audience with a large set of lilac ostrich fans concealing and revealing her athletic form. This show is great as is, or can be finished with a modern twist with Roxi's jaw dropping, signature aerial hoop or tub. 

Easy Street

Roxi strolls along a foggy street scene wearing a cobalt blue velvet & fur cloak. Beneath the cloak is a intricate gown with French lace applique,  Swaraovski encrusted corset, and sheer mermaid dress that features a surprise reveal. This routine is an extravagant marriage of classic and modern striptease. 

Fetish Feline

She's beautiful! She's smart! She's a fighting hellcat! Roxi summons her inner Julie Newmar for this frisky feline-inspired act. Roxi awakens from a catnap splayed coyly atop her personal piece of fetish furniture, feisty and ready to play in her latex cat suit. Roxi is a submissive kitty and performs en-pointe in her fetish ballet heels before peeling it all off and being rewarded with a pretty tub of cream to play in. 

The Smokin' Cigar

Roxi's award-winning act that earned her the title of Miss Exotic World. Roxi starts this slow, sultry film-noir inspired act in her exceptionally tailored tuxedo and smoking jacket as she lights her cigar and seduces the audience with every puff. As Roxi teases the audience as she slowly strips out of her tuxedo. This iconic act ends in a very big bang once the curtains open to reveal a 12-foot-long smoking cigar and ashtray. It's the ride of Roxi's life and a very sexy celebration of all things noir. See a video of her act here: 


Deep in the jungle where it's hot and sticky Roxi dances up a storm with this tantalizingly beautiful exotic dance. The stage is set with a beautiful circular-shaped shadow screen framed with giant, glittered tiger lily flowers. As she makes her entrance through this screen she entices the audience with a hot striptease, then finishes this spectacle of a show in her signature aerial hoop. Rwaaar!

Queen of the Cooch

Created for The Greatest Masquerade on Earth, Theatre Bizarre, in honor of bringing the coveted Miss Exotic World crown home. Roxi  is brought to life from one of artist  John Dunivant's famous carnival banners. This act is truly a classic bump 'n grind that one would see in the carnival cooch tents. Once the lights in the carnival go dim Roxi comes to life out of a beautiful handpainted carnival banner for her striptease, ending in an impressive aerial hoop performance.

Carny Brat

Roxi's most silly and comedic act features loads of bratty antics. In this playful performance Roxi smokes, chews bubble gum and packs a whole lot of attitude. This classic bump 'n grind burlesque number can be adapted to any stage.

Hell Party

Another one of Roxi's favorite acts to perform. This act was first created and performed for Theatre Bizarre  alongside Russian experiential horror rock band Messer Chups. This act features a swanky striptease and capped off by a hotter than hell fire fan dance. If fire is not permitted at your venue, Roxi can use her luxiourous red feather fans as an alternate.


In this provocative fetish act, Roxi is placed on stage wearing ballet fetish heels and bound in a shibari harness. She seductively unties herself to the music, once free she performs an impressive routine in her signature aerial hoop.

Note: Costume updates have been made that include a goat leather corset and gloves as well as leather ballet boots. Not pictured here.

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